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Help! I need money to move

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konstaniin bekreshev
Hello!We had a war, many people were injured, many are dead, I lost my mother.You find me hard to understand and hard to believe.I am looking for help to restore my ruined house in Donbass, Lugansk.I need to raise $31200, the rest I have.This is the first part of my program.In the future, I want to continue to raise funds to help other families with children, without housing and without hope.Funds help hippos, monkeys, insects in Africa, not living people!!!Help looking for a long time, but no result.Can you help with smaller amounts?The situation is critical.I hope that charity is not a fraud or a lie.Thanks.I will be grateful for any help and information
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littlelacie   in reply to Johnnetta
hi,you should take your telephone number and address off the internet-it is not really do not know who might come knocking at your door some night,since you posted it on the internet for everyone to see,please remove it for your own safety.thanks.
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Hi my name is johnnetta Horton I have a two year old in we r living in someone's basement we got till march 1 to move I am a single parent an its very hard plz help nnpray for us u can contact me at 2673293456 address is 2353 clearfeild plzz
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big seed   in reply to DrDonnaa7
Praise the lord, you are right the power of prayer is much more valuable then money, a non - believer won't know that in a time of crisis, but he is able to do abudentily of all things that we could ask or think (phrasing). He will save your soul, The Blood still works.
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Preety Tony
Please ask yourself how can I cut my exspense ;shave off the fat :economy car;get this book accounting made easy.Reduce your dept small steps and save ...create a nest egg out everday spending watch every red cent,and obove ;record your progress .Net work with builders some are really nice;and would love for you and your kids to move in his or her house,rather than let it be vandalized.
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I'm 38 years old was recently diagnosed with breast cancer I'm already doing chemo, not working since 8-11... was told by my landlord my rent would go from 1375 to 1600 but for the month of October need to pay 2080 cause apartment had repairs done so they want me to pay 580 to add to deposit for all the repairs. now he have to move by 10-1 bur still disability claim pending no money coming in at all went to county office for help and they stated cannot help cause have no proof of income have to wait for disability. .. I never ask for nothing always work and now that need the help they say no. Sucks cause I pay my taxes but other people come from other countries and receive all the benefits and they have never worked... just need help if anyone knows were I can get help we live in California.
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helpless in Lexington   in reply to helpless in Lexington
Thank you. I'll try but tried before and the guy had no answers for me.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to helpless in Lexington
Hi call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with have pen and paper when u call. Are type need help with bills city state if u can't fine it under city state than put county state
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woman in a shoe   in reply to helpless in Lexington
Hi poppyday13 not been on in a while now sorry
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helpless in Lexington   in reply to Poppyday13
The last 6 month's of my life has been bell. Starting the passing of my son. He was 36, and it was his 36th surgery.
Since then my car broke down. I have had multiple sclerosis for almost twenty years. I've been a caregiver all my life. Taking care of my great grandmother until she was 102 then my son.m My brother asked me come live with his family. And it's been bell ever since I got here. I get a small disability check but not enough for rent and deposit for an apartment. I did go to Social Security and they are upping my benefits if I move out. But my brother through a fit because I didn't tell him. Now I feel stuck but I want to leave anyway. Who can help with rent deposit? But I'll still be short with first months rent. What can I do?
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I would like to say you can call 211 they will help you find anything you need.
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Nessii525   in reply to Poppyday13
There are places like that to help with rent deposits??
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Poppyday13   in reply to terriishere
Hi Terri , if you tell me which town and county you are in then I can look to see if there is any organization that helps with rent deposits.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to terriishere
U can rent help by type need help city state when u see help with bills hit on that one if u don't see it under city state than but county state I have found a lot by typing this food luck
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terriishere   in reply to Poppyday13
Hi poppy 13, can you send me the information as well. I really need to move, being treated so badly by landlords

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Poppyday13   in reply to jermonnia
I have sent you a private message . you need a pen and paper as there is a list of places that might help you with the money to move.
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Hi, my name Jacqueline Burrell, I live in Benton Harbor and I'm trying to come up with $276.00 Before the land lord gives it to someone else. He's trying to help me when other people are asking for the house to.
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to marmaduke
If a link does not work let me know which one thank you..





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Ty69   in reply to marmaduke
You are in a financial bind, but you want to move to a place with significantly higher cost of living??
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woman in a shoe   in reply to marmaduke
Where in MI are u? I am in MI also
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