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Help! I need money to move

jenniferatla started this conversation
  1. Hello all. I am a mother of three who is trying to move into a house. I live in a small crammped apartment, but I want to get a house so my kids can have some space to play. I am working and I manage fine paying bills, but I simply don't make anything extra to save. I try working overtime, but that becomes pointless because I only have to babysitter more. I t is so hard to save. My rent is $1050 a month and it is absolutly not worth it. I could have a house for that. After paying the rent, utilities, and buying food I rarly have extra.So, I just need the money for the security deposit. If there is anyone out there that could help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to marmaduke
If a link does not work let me know which one thank you..





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Ty69   in reply to marmaduke
You are in a financial bind, but you want to move to a place with significantly higher cost of living??
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woman in a shoe   in reply to marmaduke
Where in MI are u? I am in MI also
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I know how it is. I'm stuck in Michigan...and I'm a San Diego guy. I try to save up. But, I end up broke. My SSI and Social Security don't stretch. I was born with spina bifida/hydrocephalus. Since then, I have developed bipolar disorder, overdosed 3x, epileptic seizures, vertigo/vestibular.
I just want to find a room in SD. After being forced by family members to Michigan's worst winter ever recorded, I need to get out of here. I've considered walking the whole way, pedaling on a cruiser bicycle, and hitchin' a ride. Some have told me to take a train from Toledo, OH to SD.
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I am a mentally ill 56 year old woman. I need $600 to move. I was homeless for 9 months and now I am staying with my ex. Not a happy situation. Please, help me?
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I need help with money to move i am being harrased were i live now im a single mother and canot sleep at night i donot feel safe
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Hi my name is Correne. first I had to sell my car 4 months ago so my kids and myself wouldn't be homeless. I work for an agency and that is not enough. well I got served with eviction papers and I have no clue what to do. The car I'm using broke down and now how am i suppose to get to work. My sons father is going to prison in 2 weeks and he is the bread winner. I have no family and help please please help.
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Hello, my name is Gloria Stacker, I need help to get this apartment, but I don't make enough money to move. I need help really bad please and thank you. I need 800.00 in order to move in. Thanks
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My mother inlaw is 75 she has to move out of the home she lived at for 14 years because it was sold how can i get her some finanical help for a new place.
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msgntlhrt   in reply to tbabystoy94
Depending on where you are there are programs for people on public housing with children to buy a home. Also apply to habitat for humanity. They might have a wait list and you are required to spend so many hours volunteering your labor. Also if you are in a wheelchair or have other physical handicaps there are non-profit apartment complexes that are in nice neighborhoods. Look for Accessible Space Inc on the internet.The HUD website also has lists of apartment complexes that are not public housing or section 8 that go on what your income is. If you have legal custody of the kids you should be receiving assistance for them. If you don't you should see about getting it.
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dragonheart3378   in reply to charleyann
were r u i have a room for 200 u have your own bathroom
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I know the bible says if you have in your pocket help not looking for it back. I don't have anymoney and I am in the same position. but i do have authority in prayer, I command the four winds of change to come and breathe on you and your family now, Every need supplies and even help in your moving and if you have already received the money for moving , Lord I command that the winds bring about a change in her life and that favor fall from the N,S,E W and fill her up and let her blessing over flow to the full , Save her Lord Now.In the Mighty name of jesus Christ Of nazareth and let your blood cover this prayer .
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 in response to charleyann...   


I just posted information for North Carolina but what city and state do you live in? That may help in finding you the right help.

Best to you


Hope you get the money..

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single mom needing to move asap due to rent increase, awesome opportunity to rent place 300 a month cheaper than what I have now but need another 650 towards 1st mo and security santa please help

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Dear jenniferatla, have you tried hud,section 8 habitat for humanity, rebuilding together,,you do have to contact your local offices to get help, God Bless

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i'm a single parent taking care of my grandchildren and i would like to move my to a drug free neighborhood. one where we don't here gun shots all times a night. a nice place where they can go outside and playwithout drug dealers bothering them ,or they running for their lives from a drive by. i get social security disability and it's not enough to help us move out. all i need is a chance to better my kids lives. can anybody help me?

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nervous mother

I have you in my prayers I hope that you find what you are looking for.

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